Geoff (2515049) wrote,

The poor Setzer!

Last night, just after I got home, and was preparing to eat food, I heard a lot of crashing sounds from an adjacent room. It wasn't Chris, Sarita wasn't home, and it wasn't me. That only left Setzer. And, yeah, it was Setzer. He tore out of Chris' room, ran into the dining room, turned around, skidding through the kitchen. He had a plastic bag stuck around his body, and he figured running would get him safe.

Now, this happened with Morlock once, but on that occasion, I saw him right away after hearing the noise, and dove to grab the bag before he got away. It was easy.

Setzer ran downstairs into the basement, knocking a few things down as he passed them at top speed. He finally stopped under a chair, breathing fast. I spelled cat pee, and wasn't sure if it was new or old. Setzer tends not to pee in inappropriate places, so I was pretty sure it was fresh. And it was. Apparently, he'd wet himself in his terror. I tried to pick him up, but his claws were wrapped around the metal chair leg. He didn't struggle when I tried to separate his paws, just stayed there stiffly.

I met up with Chris upstairs, and he removed the bag while I held Setzer up. The bag was pretty shredded, and came off easily when removed with human hands, but still wouldn't have easily come off for Setzer. I felt badly about the next decision to make, but it had to be done. Setzer needed a bath, since he'd wet himself. So, back-to-back trauma for the nice gray cat. I gave him a good rinse where he seemed wet, and got a few claw marks along the way. I'm glad I keep his claws fairly trimmed, or this would have been even more painful for me.

Afterward, Setzer's tail was wet, and non-fluffy. So strange!
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