Geoff (2515049) wrote,

lots of stuff last week

Last week was a very very busy week. Sunday was help-people-move. That wasn't that long, as moving days go, but it was a bit of work. Monday was part-two. It turned out that all the moving needed to be done that day, so we worked on stuff from about 9 until 1 am. Tuesday night, I ended up working until past midnight, not getting home until 1 am. Silly broken hard drives.

I had some respite until Saturday, which was more hard drive replacement. I waited for my call that I could begin, headed downtown, and started replacing drives. After replacing the first drive, another drive died right there. So I replaced that drive with my second spare, instead of the other drive which was due for replacement. I ordered a third drive, and let things sync up. When they third drive was replaced, I headed out for gaming in Palatine. While out there, I got a call -- a fourth drive had died. I ordered another, but didn't realize until I'd gotten back downtown (after 1 am at this point) that it was the wrong one. Fortunately, the correct one was much more available (Chicago, rather than Milwaukee), so it arrived before too long.

I got the fourth drive in, started the resync, and headed home. I finally made it in at about 4 am.

But it looks like I get a comp day for it. Yay.
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