Geoff (2515049) wrote,

expensive house upgrades

We're getting closer to having our kitchen set up the way it should be. We got rid of the flaky stove in the kitchen, and the washing machine, and moved the dryer from the kitchen to the basement. We got rid of the old dryer in the basement. The stove from the basement came upstairs. The kitchen really shouldn't have a washer and dryer in it, and the basement laundry area really shouldn't also be a kitchen. So, we moved things, with a bunch of help from strong people (and a 68-year-old who held his own!).

Now, though, we have to get the dryer hooked up in the basement where the old dryer was. That shouldn't be too bad. We need to get the gas stove hooked up where an electric stove previously was. There's gas running into the kitchen, but the valve is broken.

With one major bit of plumbing, one major bit of gas work, and a couple minor plumbing and gas tasks, we're been quoted $1500. Some of the tasks, I could get up to skill on, probably, but not everything. It's time to pay the professional.
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