Geoff (2515049) wrote,

more trip planning

I arranged for plane tickets yesterday. Nice and affordable, direct, and out of O'Hare, which is slightly preferable to Midway. Of course, Midway's a lot better than it used to be, since they moved the security back *before* all of the food options, so one doesn't have to go back out of security to get an ice cream cone any more.

This is further good, because some airports don't allow ice cream cones through their security gate--ice cream must be covered to get through. Easy with a sundae, hard with a cone. I guess they're concerned that they might be antimatter cones! (Oh, and for the record, that was FLL--Fort Lauderdale).

Today, I got the car rental arranged. So, now it's just LA accomodations to decide upon. I'm seriously considering Burbank, as I've been there before, and I've been told it's a fairly good place for walking around, as compared to most of the greater Los Angeles area. I seem to recall this, myself. Alternatively, my stepmother (who is a part-time travel agent) may have some other advice to offer.

Advice on where to stay is appreciated, from anyone with something to offer. I might as well have a lot of advice, and make a more informed decision!
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