Geoff (2515049) wrote,

More CDs remaining to give away

I've recently gotten some more takers on the CDs I have to get rid of, but there are still some left!

I still need chorus to send me an email address so I can send .hack music out. Otherwise it'll go back on the list.

ProjeKct Three - Masque
Nine Inch Nails - Things Falling Apart
Nine Inch Nails - "The Perfect Drug" versions
Barnes & Barnes - Spazchow
Barnes & Barnes - Loozanteen (CDR burn)
Loreena McKennitt - Live in Paris and Toronto
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King soundtrack

Interested? Drop a response, and follow up with a private email with an address. [firstname]@[lastname].com, or [firstname]@[firstname].biz will get to me.

I appreciate at least the cost of shipping, but anything's negotiable. I'm most happy getting the approximate value of these CDs. CDR value is nil, I just offer it as something to introduce people to a CD that's not usually available on the primary market.

Other people who have requested CDs will actualy find them shipping soon. My apologies for the delay.
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